Gyda Sindre-632Dr Gyda M. Sindre is Lecturer in Politics at the University of York. She was previously Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Cambridge and Assistant Professor at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her primary research area and publications focus on war-to-democracy transitions, rebel group transformation and political party development in the aftermath of civil war alongside research on participatory democracy, local democracy and governance. Her geographical expertise spans the region of South –and Southeast Asia and the Balkans. Dr Sindre has published widely in journals such as Party Politics, Political Geography,  Civil Wars, and Government and Opposition. She is currently completing two book projects on rebel group successor parties; she is the guest editor two special issues on former rebel parties, Understanding Armed Groups and Party Politics in the journal Civil Wars (2016) and Former Armed Groups, Ideology and State Transformation  in Government and Opposition (2019); she is also the founder of the Politics After War Research Network. She has held visiting fellowships at Yale University (2010), the University of California Los Angeles (2008-2009) and the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge (2014).