I am currently working on three book projects, two co-edited volumes and one monograph. 

Monograph:  In From Guerrilla Politics to Party Politics, I trace the organisational and ideational evolution of selected insurgent groups in Asia and Europe at the intersection of their international and domestic political engagement. The book emphasises the centrality of rebel diplomacy and strategic alliance building in shaping particular outcomes and thus also the post-war political order. Focusing in on the main players themselves, the insurgents, the book will offer a novel perspective on peacebuilding trajectories.

Edited books: I am co-editing the book Rebel group inclusion and the effects on democratisation (with John Ishiyama). In this  book, we explore downstream, long-term effects of rebel group inclusion on democratisation. Inclusion of former armed movements into politics is often perceived as a necessary step towards deepening democracy through enhancing the representation of formerly excluded groups. At other times, rebel group inclusion is a necessary step towards stability, but that this peace is not necessarily a “democratic” one. This book provides a first systematic overview and in-depth analysis of the effects of rebel group inclusion on democracy following the end of civil war. The book contains 15 chapters with single and comparative case studies of post-rebel political parties in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The volume is under review. 

I am also currently co-editing the Routledge Handbook on political parties, with (Sofia Vasilopolous, Dan Keith and Neil Carter).