Journal Special Issues 

Curtis, Devon and Sindre, Gyda M. (in production) Special Issue: Transforming State Visions: Ideology and Ideas in Armed Groups Turned Political Parties. Government and Opposition.

Sindre, Gyda M and Söderström, Johanna (guest editors) (2016) Special Issue: Understanding armed groups and party politics, Civil Wars 18 (2) 

Journal articles

Curtis, Devon and Sindre, Gyda M. (2018) Transforming state visions: Ideology and ideas in armed groups turned political parties – Introduction to special issue. Accepted for publication Government and Opposition. Preprints available here: Curtis&Sindre_TransformingStateVisions_ACCEPTED VERSION

Sindre, Gyda M. (2018) Adapting to peacetime politics? Rebranding and ideological change in former rebel parties, Accepted for publication Government and Opposition. Preprints here:2018_IDEOLOGY G&O_ACCEPTED VERSION

Sindre, Gyda M. (2018) From secessionism to regionalism: Intra-organizational conflict and ideological moderation within armed secessionist movements. Political Geography 64. pp. 23-32 OPEN ACCESS! 

Sindre, Gyda M and Söderström, Johanna (2016) Understanding armed groups and party politics, Civil Wars 18 (2) 109-117

Sindre, Gyda M (2016) In whose interests? Former rebel parties and ex-combatant interest group mobilization in Aceh and East Timor, Civil Wars 18 (2) 192-213 

Sindre, Gyda M. (2016) Internal party democracy in former rebel parties in Party Politics 22(4) pp. 501-511. Accepter version:  Sindre_Party Politics 2016

Sindre, Gyda M. (2014) Rebels and aid in the context of peacebuilding and humanitarian disaster: A comparison of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), Forum for Development Studies, 41(1), pp. 1-21. Preprint: Sindre_Rebels and Aid preprint

Sindre, Gyda M. (2012) Civic engagement and democracy in Post-Suharto Indonesia: A review of Musrenbang, the Kecamatan Development Program and labour organising, Sindre_PCD 2012, 4 (1) (Open Source!!).

Sindre, Gyda M. (2009) Conflict resolution and democratization in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami: A comparative study of Aceh and Sri Lanka, Power, Conflict, and Democracy 1 (1),  with Kristian Stokke and Olle Törnquist PCD_2010 (Open source!!)

Book Chapters and Reviews 

Sindre, Gyda M. (2018) Book Review: Building blocs: How parties organise society, Stanford University Press (2016), Edited by Cedric de Leon, Menali Desai, and Cihan Tugal. Preprint here: Sindre_Building blocs review Party Politics 2018

Sindre, Gyda M. (2017) Indonesia: Dynamics of regime change. Ch 20 in Burnell, Peter, Lise Rakner and Vicky Randall (eds.) Politics in the Developing World, 5th ed., pp. 300-310

Sindre, Gyda M. (2015) Indonesia: Neoliberal development in the context of decentralised patronage politics Ch 8 in Hansen, Arve and Wethal, Ulrikke (eds.), Emerging Economies and Challenges to Sustainability: Theories, strategies, and local realities. New York: Routledge. PreprintSindre_Indonesia_neolib dvlpm

Sindre, Gyda M. (2010) From political exclusion to Inclusion: The political transformation of GAM, Chapter 5 in Törnquist (eds.) Aceh: The Role of Democracy for Peace and Reconstruction, Singapore: PCD Press.

Working papers and ongoing writing projects 

Party system development and fragmentation in newly independent states (R&R)

Rebel group inclusion and the effects on democratisation (with John Ishiyama)

How do former rebels turned politicians deal with wartime mass atrocities? (Book chapter)

From state challengers to state builders following conditioned victories. A comparison of rebel to party transformation in Kosovo and East Timor (co-authored with Mariana Q Rød)

Negotiating autonomy in Asia’s secessionist conflicts: Political mobilisation and strategic transformation by armed secessionist movements

Regime responses to youth protest in Asia (Book chapter)

PEACEPAR: A database of political parties in post-war contexts

Revolutionary politics as civil war: New perspectives on state formation in Southeast Asia