Journal Special Issues 

Curtis, Devon and Sindre, Gyda M. (in production) Special Issue: Transforming State Visions: Ideology and Ideas in Armed Groups Turned Political Parties. Government and Opposition.

Sindre, Gyda M and Söderström, Johanna (guest editors) (2016) Special Issue: Understanding armed groups and party politics, Civil Wars 18 (2) 

Journal articles

Sindre, Gyda M. (2018) From secessionism to regionalism: Intra-organizational conflict and ideological moderation within armed secessionist movements. Political Geography 64. pp. 23-32 OPEN ACCESS! 

Sindre, Gyda M and Söderström, Johanna (2016) Understanding armed groups and party politics, Civil Wars 18 (2) 109-117

Sindre, Gyda M (2016) In whose interests? Former rebel parties and ex-combatant interest group mobilization in Aceh and East Timor, Civil Wars 18 (2) 192-213 

Sindre, Gyda M. (2016) Internal party democracy in former rebel parties in Party Politics 22(4) pp. 501-511. Accepter version:  Sindre_Party Politics 2016

Sindre, Gyda M. (2014) Rebels and aid in the context of peacebuilding and humanitarian disaster: A comparison of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), Forum for Development Studies, 41(1), pp. 1-21. Preprint: Sindre_Rebels and Aid preprint

Sindre, Gyda M. (2012) Civic engagement and democracy in Post-Suharto Indonesia: A review of Musrenbang, the Kecamatan Development Program and labour organising, Sindre_PCD 2012, 4 (1) (Open Source!!).

Sindre, Gyda M. (2009) Conflict resolution and democratization in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami: A comparative study of Aceh and Sri Lanka, Power, Conflict, and Democracy 1 (1),  with Kristian Stokke and Olle Törnquist PCD_2010 (Open source!!)

Book chapters 

Sindre, Gyda M. (2017) Indonesia: Dynamics of regime change. Ch 20 in Burnell, Peter, Lise Rakner and Vicky Randall (eds.) Politics in the Developing World, 5th ed., pp. 300-310

Sindre, Gyda M. (2015) Indonesia: Neoliberal development in the context of decentralised patronage politics Ch 8 in Hansen, Arve and Wethal, Ulrikke (eds.), Emerging Economies and Challenges to Sustainability: Theories, strategies, and local realities. New York: Routledge. PreprintSindre_Indonesia_neolib dvlpm

Sindre, Gyda M. (2010) From political exclusion to Inclusion: The political transformation of GAM, Chapter 5 in Törnquist (eds.) Aceh: The Role of Democracy for Peace and Reconstruction, Singapore: PCD Press.

Working papers and submitted papers 

Ideology and identity change in armed secessionist movements turned regional political parties (R&R)

Transforming state visions? Ideology and ideas in armed groups turned political parties – (with Devon Curtis) R&R

Negotiating autonomy in Asia’s secessionist conflicts: Political mobilisation and strategic transformation by armed secessionist movements (under review)

Party system development and fragmentation in newly independent states (under review)

PEACEPAR: A database of political parties in post-war contexts

Regime responses to youth protest in Asia

How do former rebels turned politicians deal with wartime mass atrocities?

Revolutionary politics as civil war: New perspectives on state formation in Southeast Asia