Opportunity for Research Assistance

I am currently looking for new research assistants to work with me on the Post-conflict political parties project and the related PEACEPAR database. The work includes literature review and online data collection about political parties and former armed groups’ political process engagement. Some knowledge or familiarity with politics in the Balkans (Kosovo and/or Bosnia Herzegovina) or post-war contexts in Asia (esp Sri Lanka or East Timor) is very welcome, although not a prerequisite. If interested, please do get in touch for more information.

Perfect for PhD students or MA/MPhil students looking for some work out of term – or BA-students with some advanced expertise and skills at working independently. Work can be done remotely, but you need to be UK-based with right to work in the UK. The work is part-time with 200 hour cap.

Research Assistant Opportunity: Politics After War Research Network

The Politics After War Research Network is a research network that brings together scholars and practitioners working on topics related to rebel group reconversion, political parties, state-building and governance in post-civil war contexts. The network’s activities include academic workshops, collaborative publications and research projects as well as public dissemination.

I am looking for a part-time research assistant to develop the network’s online profile and assist with pending administrative tasks related to the network’s activities. The RA’s main tasks will include:

  • Developing the Politics After War Research Network’s webpage
  • Write texts for the webpage in collaboration with the project leader
  • Help organise the next network conference to be held in April 2018

The hours are flexible and negotiable, but I am initially looking for up to 10 hours per week on average for a total of 150 hours with the possibility for more. Pay-grade 5 (pre-PhD). Contact me for more information or submit CV and cover letter by December 12. Details here: RA_PoliticsAfterWarNetwork_Ad

Workshop call – deadline 11 Nov: Former armed groups and statebuilding

Workshop call – deadline 11 Nov! Former armed groups and the politics of statebuilding after war

Workshop on January 9th in Cambridge: “Given that many armed groups were formed on the basis of projecting radical ideas about state transformation, how do their ideological and ideational foundations influence the ways in which they continue to govern or engage in politics after conflict? In other words, how do they practice politics in peace times?”