Welcome to my personal webpage! I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Politics at the University of York, a MSCA Fellow, and the founder and convener of the Politics After War Network (PAW-scholars). Click here to see the PAW-introductory video.

Gyda Sindre-787

My research is focused on political dynamics after civil war, spanning the disciplines of international relations, politics, and peace and conflict studies. In my current research, I focus on the broader questions of how civil wars impact on contemporary processes of state building, specifically the interaction dynamics between international interventions and domestic politics and the role of former rebel groups in influencing post-war politics. Another research agenda includes a collaborative project on genocide prevention in illiberal states together with colleagues in Norway, Indonesia, Myanmar and the UK. My most recent project, Post-Conflict Political Parties  (funded by the European Commission and the Research Council of Norway) focused on war-to-democracy transitions through the lens of rebel group successor parties, drawing on cross-regional comparisons in Asia and the Balkans.

At the University of York, I currently teach and convene the courses War and Peace and Democracy, Autocracy and the State. In 2020 I offer a new course, The Politics of Peace. 

Check out my ongoing and past projects from the menu above. You can find my publications and preprints here.