Welcome to my personal webpage. I am a Senior Lecturer|Associate Professor in International Politics at the University of York and the Deputy Director of the York Centre for Conflict and Security (YCCS), Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Fellow, and the founder and convener of the Politics After War Network (PAW-scholars). Click here to see the PAW-introductory video.

My main research is focused on political dynamics after civil war, spanning the disciplines of IR, security studies, peace and conflict studies and comparative politics. I am particularly interested in non-state armed groups and their transition from armed to non-armed politics after civil war as well as the political dynamics after civil war more broadly. This agenda relates to the broader questions of how civil wars impact on contemporary processes of state building, security, peacebuilding, and democracy as well as the interaction dynamics between international interventions and domestic politics.

I have extensive fieldwork experience in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina. In my research I rely on interview data, document -and text analysis and historical comparative data. I regularly take on consultancy as advisor to international organisations working in the fields of DDR, peacebuilding, and democracy support and have consulted on several such programmes and projects over the years.

Check out my ongoing and past projects from the menu above. You can find my publications and preprints here.