Research Assistant Opportunity: Politics After War Research Network

(This call has passed. For interest in the network, please contact me)

The Politics After War Research Network is a research network that brings together scholars and practitioners working on topics related to rebel group reconversion, political parties, state-building and governance in post-civil war contexts. The network’s activities include academic workshops, collaborative publications and research projects as well as public dissemination.

I am looking for a part-time research assistant to develop the network’s online profile and assist with pending administrative tasks related to the network’s activities. The RA’s main tasks will include:

  • Developing the Politics After War Research Network’s webpage
  • Write texts for the webpage in collaboration with the project leader
  • Help organise the next network conference to be held in April 2018

The hours are flexible and negotiable, but I am initially looking for up to 10 hours per week on average for a total of 150 hours with the possibility for more. Pay-grade 5 (pre-PhD). Contact me for more information or submit CV and cover letter by December 12. Details here: RA_PoliticsAfterWarNetwork_Ad

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