Tamil Political Activism: A way out of Sri Lanka’s Crisis?

Here is a link to my piece in the Globe Post: Tamil Political Activism: A Way out of Sri Lanka’s Crisis?┬áco-authored with Jacqueline Cho.

The article draws on my research on post-conflict political parties.

The op-ed discusses the scope for Tamil political activism in light of Sri Lanka’s recent political crisis. It argues that President Sirisena’s decision to dismiss the Prime Minister and replace him with the former president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, represent serious set-backs for Tamil minority politics and any progress towards reconciliation made since 2015.

We also provide a prescriptive conclusion included here:

The crisis calls for a broad pro-democratic front as witnessed by growing political activism that bridges ethnic and other divisions across Sri Lankan society. Perhaps the period of relative openness has provided the broad-based alliances necessary to prevent a descent into authoritarianism.