Teaching & Advising

PhD and MA-Advising 

If you are interested in working with me on any of my on-going projects – either for a PhD project or an MA-thesis, or as a Research Assistant, do get in touch. From Sept 2019 I will be based at the University of York (UK), so do also check out their MA and PhD programs. I would particularly support projects about rebel group transformation, political parties in post-civil war contexts, as well as bottom-up state building.

Courses/Lectures I have taught

I have taught a variety of courses in Comparative Politics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Development Studies, and Qualitative Methodology at the Universities of Cambridge, Bergen, and Oslo in both large lecture courses and small seminars. Here is a brief overview of course I have developed and taught:

  • Post-colonial versus international state-building in Indonesia and East Timor (Cambridge/2017 and 2018). 2nd year undergraduate module in Comparative Politics – POL4). Lectures.
  • Political parties in post-conflict states (Univ. of Bergen/2015). MA-course in Comparative Politics. Lectures and seminars.
  • Qualitative Methods seminar (Univ. of Bergen/2014-2015). MA-students.
  • Politics and Development/STV2310 (Univ. of Oslo/ 2010 and 2011). Undergraduate course. Lectures.
  • Selected Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies/STV4283 (Univ. of Oslo/2008). MA-course Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science. Lectures.
  • Research Methods Political Science/STV 4020 (Univ. of Oslo 2007 and 2008). Case Studies/Comparative Case Studies/Field Work. MA-course.
  • Fieldwork/UTV2000 (Univ. of Oslo 2008). Undergraduate methods course Development Studies. Lectures and Seminars.

If you are interested in course outlines for any of these courses, or want to share ideas for how to decolonise our curriculum – please do get in touch. I always want to hear new ideas.

Pervious supervision

  • Post-colonial versus international state-building in Indonesia and East Timor  (Cambridge 2017 and 2018). Groups of 2-3.
  • Masters Dissertations (Univ. of Oslo and Bergen (2007-2012)
  • Dissertations/Independent Study Projects – Undergraduate (Univ. of Bergen 2012-2015).