Teaching & Advising

 I teach the following courses: 

Past courses/Lectures I have taught

I have taught a variety of courses in International Relations, Politics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Development Studies, and Research Methods at the Universities of Cambridge, Bergen, and Oslo in both large lecture courses and small seminars. Here is a brief overview of courses I have developed and taught:

  • Post-colonial versus international state-building (Cambridge, Lent term 2017 and 2018). 2nd year undergraduate module- POL4). Full module.
  • Political parties in post-conflict states (Univ. of Bergen 2014-2015). MA – level Lectures and seminars (Course convener)
  • Qualitative Methods  (Univ. of Bergen/2014-2015). MA and PhD.
  • Politics and Development/STV2310 (Univ. of Oslo/ 2010 and 2011). Undergraduate course. Lectures.
  • Selected Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies/STV4283 (Univ. of Oslo). MA-course Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science.
  • Research Methods Political Science/STV 4020 (Univ. of Oslo). Qualitative methods and fieldwork. MA-course.
  • Research Methods and Fieldwork/UTV2000 (Univ. of Oslo). Undergraduate methods course Development Studies. Lectures and Seminars

Pervious supervision

  • Post-colonial versus international state-building (POL4, Cambridge Lent term 2017 and 2018).
  • Masters Dissertations (Univ. of Oslo and Bergen)
  • Dissertations/Independent Study Projects – Undergraduate (Univ. of Bergen 2012-2015).
  • PhD Supervision and mentoring: University of Bergen, Cambridge and York