Emerging economies and sustainable development

This project has been finalised.

In 2013-2014, I contributed to the book project Emerging Economies and Sustainable Development, at Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo.

“How has Indonesia balanced economic development with its goals of sustainable development?” The question was raised in light of challenges of balancing growth as an emerging economy and ond of the world’s New Economic Giants and Indonesia’s efforts to commit to a global agenda for sustainable development. As part of the project, I conducted two case studies that illustrate the disjunction between maintaining the growth imperative and protecting the environment and the use of market mechanisms in promoting sustainable development: The UN REDD initiative (i.e. the forest sector) and the PNPM (i.e. the state led Community Empowerment Programme). I situated the study in light of decentralised power dynamics, highlighting the disconnect between central government ambitions and those of regional political elites and big business.

The outcome of the project was a really great edited book: Emerging Economies and Challenges to Sustainability (2015). Here is a preprint of my chapter Indonesia: Neoliberal development in the context of decentralised patronage politics  Sindre_Indonesia_neolib dvlpm

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